CitiesMethodologies publication – call for papers

We have the pleasure to invite you to contribute to the CitiesMethodologies paper, part of the CitiesMethodologies | Bucharest event.

The CitiesMethodologies publication

The publication is designed to function in the same time as catalogue for the exhibition and interdisciplinary workshop that are part of the CitiesMethodologies project and as a first issue written platform aimed at bringing together theories and practices of urban research from as diverse fields as visual arts, architecture, urban planning, sociology and anthropology, literature, philosophy, geography etc. For that purpose , this publication was conceived as an Issue 1 of a future periodical, freely available both online (in the first stage) and in printed format, with new issues enriching each future edition of CitiesMethodologies in London and in other European cities.

We need, as your contribution to the publication, written texts (articles, essays etc. that can be (or not) accompanied by pictures (image copyright is in the full responsibility of the texts’ author) that are within the vast framework of urban research.

Due to the limited number of pages (48 pages A3 format) and the catalogue’s rich image content, we are asking for short texts of about 1000 words, written in English (3-4 pages; if pictures are included, they will be additional to the 3-4 pages).

The entire text or extended draft proposal (not shorter than 2 pages) can be sent to, accompanied by a short CV.

The deadline for sending the proposal is Monday, October 11 2010, 4 p.m. If your proposal will be selected to be included in the publication, the final text should be sent by email no later than Friday, October 25, 4 p.m.

The main topics of interest for CitiesMethodologies | Bucharest and for the publication are:

–          unconventional methodologies of urban exploration

–          interdisciplinarity and complex collaboration in the fields of urban research

–          post-communism and post-industry in the exploration of Central and Eastern European cities

–          case studies, focusing on Bucharest

–          the urban void and abandoned spaces/areas

–         the flux and dynamic of cities in the contingency of the urban void and abandoned spaces/areas

–          site-specific methods of observation and intervention (in contemporary arts and urban research)

–          non-visual data – soundscapes, smellscapes etc.

Further details of our collaboration will be established after you receive confirmation of your participation by email (no later than October 14 2010). For any more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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Universitatea Nationala de Arte Bucuresti, Asociatia Galeria Noua, ATU - Asociatia pentru Tranzitie Urbana

Project team

Aurora Kiraly (Galeria Noua), Ger Duijzings (University College London), Vera Marin (Asociatia pentru Tranzitie Urbana), Simona Dumitriu (Universitatea Nationala de Arte Bucuresti)

Supported by:

Administratia Fondului Cultural National, University College London, Colegiul Noua Europa, Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism „Ion Mincu”, Goethe-Institut Bucuresti, Institutul Polonez


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Project financed by AFCN (Administratia Fondului Cultural National) Romania

Project Partner: Universitatea Nationala de Arte Bucuresti

Project Partner: ATU - Asociatia pentru Tranzitia Urbana

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